Jazz Dance

(5 years & upwards) is both classic yet modern.  There are many different styles within the jazz genre.

To best describe jazz think of dance in musicals, television shows, music videos ie… Michael Jackson back up dancers, Brittany Spears etc.  Jazz teaches good technical dance skills without the restrictions and repetition of classical ballet. 

The syllabus we follow at Natasha Hodson Dance Academy is Jazz Dance New Zealand which is a nationwide curriculum.  The syllabus work includes jazz funk, musical theatre, jazz hop (a mix of jazz and hip hop) developing a versatile dancer.

Our choreography is modern, innovative and energetic but the movements are still disciplined and progressive.  The levels are comprised of exercises, steps, routines and dances. 

Hip Hop

(7 years upwards) is a more relaxed form of dance than jazz.  To best describe hip hop think of music videos such as Black Eyed Peas, television shows like Randy Jacksons next best dance crew.

It is a high energy dance idiom with complex, intricate and interesting hand, arm and foot movements.  Hip Hop is a fast growing dance trend.

Performance Classes

(offered to students who attend a jazz or hip hop syllabus class) The focus is on performance work, stage presentation and learning different styles of choreography, for example - lyrical, jazz, jazz funk, contemporary dance.